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Jim Covington Marriage Counselor in Manhattan & NYC
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Healing your heart after infidelity, through marriage counseling Manhattan & NYCOur Services Include:

As relationships change and grow it can be very common for people to feel like their partners are drifting away.  If you are looking to work on your relationship, or save your marriage this is an excellent place to start. I would love to help.

  • Stop the arguing and distancing cycles -  Learn how to communicate and listen to each other in order to support each other's emotional needs in a trusting manner.
  • Feel more emotionally connected - Understand your own emotional experiences, your partner's emotions, and feel that you are truly there for each other.
  • Restore physical intimacy -  Sex is not the most important component in your relationship, but it is integral and special. Intimacy problems can be a cause or a symptom of relationship troubles. While every case is unique, we can work to restore this connection. 
  • Heal from infidelity - Gradually rebuild trust— through actions, not promises.
  • Or help you to determine if divorce is right for you -- if you're seriously thinking about divorce, discernment counseling can help you to determine it divorce is truly the right decision to make (see discernment counseling

I am an experienced licensed marriage and family therapist.  I have been counseling couples for over 30 years.  My approach is integrative. I draw from many years of experience and training which includes Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples and the Gottman Method. Both of which are renowned for their effectiveness in strengthening relationships. I am also trained in Family Systems Therapy.   

If you and your partner decide to meet with me, in our first session (75 minutes), I will want to hear your story, your respective points of view and together ascertain the patterns/issues that are pulling you apart, and damaging your relationship. I strive for connectedness above all else.   

The reality is that all human relationships can be difficult at times, including marriage. As someone put it: “choosing a partner is choosing a set of problems.”  Not very romantic, I admit, but true.  And sometimes those problems lead to emotional barriers, and sometimes couples will need professional marriage counseling to break through those barriers and strengthen or cultivate anew the intimacy—the bond-- they still hope for.      

If any of this strikes a chord with you and you are interested in seeking my help and guidance for strengthening and saving your marriage, contact me or call now to set up a free 10-minute consultation: (212) 799-1157.                               

Do You Need Marriage Counseling?

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Jim Covington, M.Div.,MA, LMFT, specializes in marriage counseling, discernment counseling for couples considering divorce, premarital counseling and individual psychotherapy in the NYC Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn NY areas.  For a free 10 minute consultation, call (212) 799-1157.


I love my work with couples because I strongly believe in our human need for lasting, meaningful partnerships and connections. I also believe in marriage as a vital social institution and as a dynamic opportunity for personal growth.

I am a pro-commitment Marriage Friendly Therapist and belong to the National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists.  I believe that nearly all marriages are worth fighting for. Our immediate gratification culture makes it hard for couples to sustain life long intimacy and commitment, but I believe that most couples can succeed if they make saving their marriage their highest priority.

National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists

If you are not yet married and are interested in pre-marital counseling, check that page.

Or if you feel you are actually on the BRINK OF DIVORCE and one of you is ready to throw in the towel, check the “on the brink” page and learn about "discernment divorce counseling."

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