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As in marital relationships, unmarried couples can have difficulties. It could be a loss of intimacy. It could be an endless cycle of arguments, with even the smallest thing leading to a prolonged battle of who is right and who is wrong.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand why such things are happening in your relationship.  Even if everything was great at first, relationships do grow and change.

 If you are asking yourself questions such as:  Where did the intimacy go?  Why do our differences seem so irresolvable? I can help. In couples counseling I help you make sense out of what is happening between you and your partner. I can work with you to help restore the emotional connection you are both longing for.

I have been a licensed marriage/couples counselor for 30 years.  Drawing from my training in Emotional Focused Therapy for Couples, the Gottman Method, and Family Systems Therapy, I employ a practical, collaborative and emotionally supportive approach to couples counseling to help you stop the negative cycle in your relationship and strengthen your commitment. I will help you discover how you keep misunderstanding each other and undermining your emotional needs for trust and intimacy.  I focus on the strengths of each relationship and then work towards its improvement.  As a couples counselor, I strive to promote positivity through healthy communication and trust-building.  This is my commitment: to give you every chance to save your relationship.

  • Stop the endless cycle of arguments
  • Understand why things are happening in your relationship
  • Restore Your emotional connection
  • Strengthen your commitment

If you are interested in pursuing Couples Counseling, contact me or call now for a free 10 minute consultation: (212)  799-1157.

Couples Counseling - Manhattan NY

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